The Five Most Common Traumatic Brain Injuries

After a traumatic brain injury, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. It’s a lot to process: the pain, the shock, and the apparently insurmountable journey to recovery. The frequency of traumatic brain injuries is likewise alarmingly high. According to the CDC, there were more than 69,000 traumatic brain injury-related deaths in the United States in one recent year.

The Mandel Law Firm is here for you if you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury in an accident that was someone else’s fault. We sympathize with you and support you. We have devoted our careers to helping people like you as knowledgeable New York brain injury attorneys. Here, you may find a thorough analysis of the five most typical traumatic brain injuries.
Your capacity to work, study, and spend time with family and friends may be impacted by a TBI. losing your job, having financial difficulties, or discovering you’re socially alone. The Mandel Law Firm wants to assist you in obtaining the financial resources required to restore your life following a traumatic brain injury. For a free case review, email [onlinelawyerhub] or send us a message online

The Five Most Common Traumatic Brain Injuries


The most frequent traumatic brain injuries are concussions, which often follow a direct hit to the head. A powerful hit can cause the brain to tremble inside the skull, temporarily impairing normal brain function. Headaches, memory issues, disorientation, dizziness, and changes in sleep habits are all typical concussion symptoms.


A contusion is a head bruise brought on by a direct blow to the head. If the contusion is severe, this may cause bleeding or edema in the brain, which may necessitate surgical intervention.


When the brain suffers a violent rotation or shaking motion, diffuse axonal damage develops. Long connecting fibers known as axons may stretch and rip as a result of the strain on the brain. DAIs can result in considerable, irreversible damage and are frequently present in serious auto accidents.

Injury from penetration

When anything enters the The Five Most Common Traumatic Brain Injuries through the skull, it can harm the victim severely and frequently permanently. The extent of the damage could be determined by the impact’s trajectory and force, or it could be widespread. These wounds frequently demand rapid medical attention because they are so serious.

The Five Most Common Traumatic Brain Injuries


This kind of traumatic brain damage occurs when a hit to the head is so powerful that it causes the brain to bounce off the skull twice, once on one side and once on the other. This may result in contusions on the opposite side of the brain from the initial hit point.


The Five Most Common Traumatic Brain Injuries have severe long- and short-term repercussions on your life, which is one reason why they are so distressing. The following are some typical immediate consequences of traumatic brain injuries:

Headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, blurred vision, disturbed sleep, and sensitivity to light are some of the physical symptoms that may be experienced. sound or light. Seizures or loss of consciousness may also result from more serious TBIs.
Cognitive Issues: After a TBI, many people have memory and focus issues. Additionally, they could struggle with tasks that call for multitasking, planning, or decision-making.

Speech and Language Issues: Depending on which part of the brain was hurt, a TBI can result in issues with communication, speech, and language. This can involve little challenges, like having trouble finding the proper words, or more serious concerns, such aphasia (a condition that impairs one’s capacity for language use in speech, writing, and comprehension).
The long-term effects of a brain damage are frequently just as severe as their short-term counterparts, which can be devastating. The following are typical long-term repercussions of traumatic brain injuries:

Cognitive Impairment: People withThe Five Most Common Traumatic Brain Injuries usually struggle with memory, concentration, and attention over time. Additionally, they could have trouble with executive skills like organizing, planning, and decision-making.
Emotional and Psychological Effects: Prolonged mood swings, depression, anxiety, and an elevated risk of mental diseases are a few examples of the long-term emotional effects. Additionally, personality changes are possible, which could exacerbate interpersonal connections.
Physical Difficulties: Physical affects that last a long time can include everything from chronic headaches and increased fatigue to problems with balance and coordination. Some people may experience continuing speech or vision problems or seizure disorders.

The Five Most Common Traumatic Brain Injuries

Why Time Is of the Essence After a Mass Transit Accident

It’s normal to concentrate on your injuries and medical care following a public transit disaster in New York. You probably aren’t thinking about legal action after a bus accident, subway accident, or other comparable incident because they are upsetting and frightening. However, there is a limited window of time in which you may submit an injury claim following a public transport accident in New York City, so you must move quickly and retain legal counsel immediately. You risk losing your opportunity to seek compensation from the parties responsible if you wait too long.
The Mandel Law Firm’s mass transit accident lawyers in New York are familiar with the unique difficulties these cases present. We are capable of taking care of everything necessary to successfully sue a government you recover from all the work in your case. It’s critical to move quickly following a mass transit accident.


Any accident should prompt the hiring of legal counsel, but a mass transit crash should prompt it much more for a number of reasons. These factors consist of:
The sooner you call a lawyer following a mass transit disaster, the sooner they can start gathering and preserving important evidence. Critical evidence in a mass transport accident could be witness testimonies, witness video footage, maintenance records, the subway, bus, or train operator’s logs, etc. Since this evidence may be lost, destroyed, or become more challenging to collect with time, acting quickly increases your chances of being compensated.

The Five Most Common Traumatic Brain Injuries

The Five Most Common Traumatic Brain Injuries

Legal timelines: To bring a case, you must adhere to rigorous deadlines in many jurisdictions, including New York. In some instances involving public Entities, you have a limited window of time in which to notify them of a claim. For instance, if you have an accident, you have 90 days to file a Notice of Claim against a state government agency, or you have the right to file a claim at all. Immediately after an accident, you should retain a knowledgeable mass transportation accident lawyer to help you avoid missing important filing deadlines for your case.
Understanding difficult legal issues: Mass transport incidents can include intricate legal issues, such as personal harm, product liability, and government liability. In these situations, there may be a large number of possible defendants, including government bodies that are entitled to specific legal protections. These complex issues can be handled by a lawyer, who will also defend your rights.


and accidents involving public boats are some of the mass transit accident types we witness in New York.

  • Bus accidents,
  • train accidents,
  • airplane accidents,
  • ferry accidents,


After a mass transit accident, our accident attorneys can make life easier for you and fight for just damages for your The Five Most Common Traumatic Brain Injuries . If you decide to let us handle your case, we’ll initiate a thorough accident investigation right once to gather information and determine who is accountable for your injuries. To develop a complete case and catalog all the harm you sustained in the accident, we’ll evaluate police accident reports, black box data, if applicable, medical records, eyewitness testimonies, expert testimony, and other evidence.
We will submit an insurance claim against the responsible parties after the accident investigation is finished. All settlement talks can be handled by us, and we’ll try to get you the most money possible for your injury. When the responsible parties reject your claim or If you are unwilling to make a fair offer, we will take your case to court. With their extensive trial expertise, our lawyers can persuade a judge or jury of their cause.
After a mass transit catastrophe in New York, you don’t have time to waste, and the Mandel Law Firm is willing to hear your story. For your free consultation, contact us at []right away or use the form on our contact page.

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