Houston 18-Wheeler Truck Accident lawyer

Houston semi-truck accident injury victims should contact Texas attorneys who specialize in these cases because they have the skills, experience, and resources necessary to manage and win their cases. Consult The Callahan Law Firm’s Houston 18-Wheeler Truck Accident lawyer

18-Wheeler Truck Accident
18-Wheeler Truck Accident

We have a track record of successfully defending individuals and families injured in transportation accidents, under the direction of former mechanical engineer and Texas board-certified personal injury trial lawyer Michael Callahan.
To arrange a free case evaluation with one of our Houston 18-wheeler truck accident attorneys, contact our company right away. We can assist you in finding out more about your options and rights in the wake of your accident.Your best option following a Texas collision with a semi truck will be to contact an 18 wheeler accident lawyer in Houston (or law firm). Large corporations that frequently use big rig drivers will go to great lengths to prevent you from filing a lawsuit following a truck accident. Don’t forget the claims adjuster either; they’ll contact you following the truck collision. Contact a Houston 18-wheeler accident lawyer right now if you live in Houston and were struck by a Texas big rig.The insurance company for the hauler will approach you right away with a proposal to resolve the situation promptly and reasonably. Your responsibility is to see to it that your requirements and the needs of your passengers are met, and that all incurred and anticipated expenses are paid for.

Houston 18-Wheeler Truck Accident lawyer

Do You Need a Lawyer after an 18-Wheeler Accident?

People who are involved in truck accidents may sustain severe, permanent injuries. Both the truck driver and the trucking business may be at fault for a truck accident, but their insurance companies will make every effort to avoid paying for your losses and injuries. If you can affirmatively respond to any of these statements, you should speak with an accomplished lawyer who can assist you in obtaining just cash recompense:

  • Did you need medical attention for your injuries?
  • Does your doctor indicate you need further medical attention?
  • Are your injuries preventing you from working?
  • Are you suffering any more?
  • Do you find it challenging to carry out the same tasks you used to before your accident?

Contact The Callahan Law Firm right away. You’ll speak with one of about how we may assist you in the aftermath of your accident from our Houston truck accident attorneys.


Houston 18-Wheeler Truck Accident lawyer
Houston 18-Wheeler Truck Accident lawyer


Many individuals believe that Houston 18-Wheeler Truck Accident lawyers are the same as any other kind of auto accident. Truth be told,Houston 18-Wheeler Truck Accident lawyer claim they are much more intricate than standard auto accidents. Why is this:

  • More severe and catastrophic injuries . are more common in fatal truck accidents due to the size and speed of huge 18-wheelers and other trucks, especially on highways. When a large truck is involved in a collision, enormous forces are produced. The medical care required for truck accident victims is more involved and far more expensive. The amount of damages that an accident victim will seek increases with serious injuries and expensive medical care. Moreover, more serious wounds may necessitate ongoing care for the accident victim. Medical care following an accident is covered by insurance or handled in court. Any award of compensation must take into account the accident victim’s potential future losses, including lost wages, medical costs, and human losses like pain and physical restrictions.
  • Additional parties who may be held responsible: Businesses like shippers, brokers, and other entities are also a part of the trucking sector, in addition to truck drivers and transportation companies. A truck accident could be the fault of any one of these businesses. And occasionally, more than one corporation may be at fault. Because of this, it is essential for an accident victim or his or her attorney to fully investigate and identify the accident’s causes and those at fault.
  • increased federal and state regulations: The trucking industry at both the state and federal levels is highly regulated. There are rules governing the dimensions and overall weight of vehicles, the kinds of cargo that may be transported, how cargo must be loaded and secured, and the maximum. Accidents may occur when truck drivers or trucking businesses disobey these rules. Many of these rules must be documented by trucking businesses as well. Records from the trucking firm and the driver of the truck can demonstrate that breaking the rules led to a truck accident.

Types of accidents involving 18-wheelers

The occupants of other vehicles involved in a huge commercial Houston 18-Wheeler Truck Accident lawyer may suffer severe injuries. The sort of vehicle collision, notwithstanding, can influence how severe the injuries are. The type of accident may also reveal who might be to blame for the collision. Examples of several vehicle accident types include:


The truck accident attorney must be familiar with trucking regulations, applicable state laws, and the fundamentals of accident investigation in order to be able to determine and gather crucial evidence given the breadth of state and federal regulatory requirements as well as the complexity of these types of claims. This information aids in figuring out what caused the accident, why it occurred, and who might be held accountable.
We may present the following evidence to support our truck accident claims:

  • The accident report from police
  • Photo of an accident scene
  • witnesses’ accounts
  • dashcam or surveillance camera footage
  • The job history of the truck driver, including his or her driving history, training history, and accident history
  • Records of the trucking company, including records of dispatch and inquiries
  • toxicological results for the truck driver if the motorist submits to an alcohol/drug test, report
  • The hours-of-service records of the truck driver
  • Information from the truck’s electronic data recorder
  • The load or freight manifest
  • The truck’s service records
  • Reports and simulations of accident reconstruction
  • Reports on vehicle damage and repairs
  • Your medical records from the care you received for accident-related injuries

Damages in a Claim from a Truck Accident

If you or a loved one was hurt in a truck accident in Houston, you may be entitled to compensation for the following past and future damages:

  • medical costs, such as hospital fees, physical and occupational therapy, and painkillers
  • Personal care services such as housekeeping, home maintenance, and home health care
  • money lost from missing time at work
  • If injuries prevent you from returning to full-time employment, you could miss out on income possibilities. or starting a new job entirely
  • lost quality of life as a result of physical limitations or disfigurement, or as a result of being unable to engage in previously enjoyed activities
  • Distress and suffering
  • Mental suffering
  • Loss of consortium, which your spouse may pursue for the absence of your company and social interaction as a result of your injuries
  • Additionally, you are entitled to reimbursement for harm done to your personal property, such as the price of fixing your car or its market value if it was totaled in the collision.


You must often bring a personal injury case in Texas that is based on negligence within two years of the accident in order to comply with the state’s statute of limitations. The court may dismiss your case if it is not filed before the statute of limitations runs out. As a result, you will never again be able to sue for damages. This is just one of the numerous factors that make it so crucial to select the best attorney and law firm as soon as a truck accident occurs.

houston 18 wheeler truck accident lawyer


There are several causes of the Houston 18-Wheeler Truck Accident lawyer . Typical reasons for truck collisions include:

  • very aggressive driving, involving lane changes and speeding
  • Driver drowsiness, distraction, and inattention when driving
  • Too closely following, referred to astailgating,
  • incorrect use of space by the truck driver
  • risky turns
  • inadequate training for truck drivers
  • driving when impaired by drugs or alcohol
  • Unsecure securing
  • improper tractor or trailer maintenance
  • failing to secure or balance the weight or cargo appropriately or overloading the truck
  • faulty truck component


  • referred to as tailgating
  • incorrect use of space by theHouston Houston 18-Wheeler Truck Accident lawyer 18-Wheeler Truck Accident lawyer
  • risky turns
  • inadequate training for truck drivers
  • driving when impaired by drugs or alcohol
  • Unsecure securing
  • improper tractor or trailer maintenance
  • failing to secure or balance the weight or cargo appropriately or overloading the truck
  • faulty truck components


Truck accidents are major incidents that frequently lead to severe injuries and disabling conditions. The complexity of a truck accident damage claim is soon realized by those hurt in collisions with trucks and their families.
In addition to the truck driver, there may be other parties at fault when determining the causes of a truck accident. In order to gather crucial evidence and identify everyone who caused or contributed to the crash, a thorough investigation must start as soon as possible following the collision.
The legal staff at The Callahan Law Firm has responded to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding truck accidents that occur in Houston and across Texas. To receive personalized responses to your queries, call Call us right away to talk about what transpired during a free consultation.

How Our Houston 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Attorneys Can Help

The Callahan Law Firm is here to assist if you or a loved one has been hurt in a truck accident. Our goal is to assist you in obtaining the cash compensation to which you are legally entitled. Receiving compensation can assist you in navigating the challenging process of recovering from your wounds and returning as closely as you can to your previous way of life.
Our skilled attorneys can assist you in winning your case by:

  • doing our own investigation into the crash, which included gathering and analyzing important pieces of information like driver logs, vehicle data recorder data, freight manifests, and maintenance records for the trucks.
  • Working with accident reconstruction specialists where necessary to help us create a convincing an explanation of how the accident happened and how the truck driver, trucking companies, or other parties are to blame for your collision.
  • We’ll work with medical and financial professionals to clarify the effects of your damages and injuries.
  • submitting claims to the trucking firms and their insurance, as well as pursuing a settlement that fairly compensates you and your family.
  • if trial is necessary, we will prepare your case for trial and use our expertise as trial lawyers to convince the jury of your innocence and win.

We are aware that major businesses and insurance providers will use any measure necessary to avoid giving you the compensation to which you are legally entitled. Members of our legal team have previously worked for insurance companies, so they are familiar with the strategies used by these organizations and their adjusters to escape responsibility for compensating affected parties. Due to this, our lawyers won’t stop working until you receive the outcomes you deserve. After a tragic truck accident, we go above and beyond to make sure that our clients and their family may live their lives as normally as possible accident.

Our firm offers wounded accident victims and their families more than 25 years of experience. Our efforts are concentrated on personal injury issues. We can give you and your family the focused attention and effort that your case deserves since we are a boutique personal injury legal practice. We are always accessible to chat with you in person, on the phone, via video call, email, or text message. We are always available to go through the status of your case or respond to any queries you may have.

18-Wheeler Truck Accident
18-Wheeler Truck Accident

Additionally, our firm has the expertise and legal knowledge required to manage even the trickiest truck accident situations. The Texas Board of Legal Specialization has awarded founding lawyer Michael S. Callahan board certification in the practice of personal injury litigation. Less than 2% of Texas’s total attorney population can claim that distinction. Our legal team includes people with substantial engineering and insurance backgrounds. These backgrounds enable us to construct the most persuasive arguments on behalf of our clients.

Make an appointment for a free initial consultation with The Callahan Law Firm to speak with a knowledgeable Houston truck accident attorney. You will be educated on your legal options and rights when pursuing monetary recovery. Additionally, you will discover how our company can give you and your family the best opportunity to obtain the most compensation for your injuries and damages. You owe no fee unless we successfully represent you.

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