You could be tempted to think yourself lucky if you and your family avoided serious injury. What matters is that you are alive and whole.until a firefighter informed you that you were homeless. You want to remain optimistic, but your insurance company is rejecting your claim, and you would be unable to rebuild without the money from the insurance claim. How can you help? Below, our PROPERTY DAMAGE LAWYER attorneys outline the steps for filing a claim.



When a person’s property is broken or destroyed but they are not physically hurt, a property damage claim is made. While claims for little or inexpensive possessions like cheap clothing or furniture might be made, the majority of claims concern large or expensive possessions like homes, vehicles, or real estate.
PROPERTY DAMAGE LAWYER cases typically involve insurance companies because losses can range from hundreds of dollars to millions of dollars, and the court must determine whether the owner’s or offender’s insurer is responsible for payment. A Texas property damage claim may be affected by the following circumstances, to name a few:

  • A result of the weather. A Texas storm may cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage in just a few hours, leaving destruction in its wake. Lightning Strikes, thunderstorms, hail, strong winds, tornadoes, and flooding can all cause huge losses for the owners by destroying buildings and vehicles.
  • Faulty construction. When a house is built improperly, the occupants risk a variety of injuries, from fires to falling objects to the collapse of the building itself. As long as the expenditures are lower than the overall value of the property, an owner is entitled to reimbursement for any reasonable and necessary expenses incurred to repair damaged real estate.
  • Negligence. Numerous claims for PROPERTY DAMAGE LAWYER are brought about by carelessness or a failure to exercise reasonable care. If someone was aware of a risk to your property but did nothing to address it, you can have a compelling case for negligence. Examples include a public body that was informed of a downed electricity line on your property or a security firm that neglected to check your burglar alarm on a regular basis.
  • Defective repairs. You might be able to hold the offender accountable for any damage if they neglected to make necessary repairs to your property. For example, omitting to replace worn tires on a car, repairing a roof in a way that causes leaks and wall damage, or repairing electronics in a way that permanently ruins an expensive camera or computer are all examples of this.
  • Denials of insurance Insurance companies will hunt for any way to avoid paying the entire value of the policy since settlements for PROPERTY DAMAGE LAWYER claims are frequently expensive. For illustration, if property damage resulted in harm months after the accident, such as being admitted to the hospital because of An insurer may claim that if there is black mold in a house, the damage did not happen while the insurance was in effect. There are tight restrictions on what is and is not covered by many specialized policies, such as flood insurance. A basement that floods due to rain may be covered, but a basement that floods due to a fire hydrant nearby will not.


One of the largest errors people make in a lawsuit involving PROPERTY DAMAGE LAWYER is underestimating the value of the impacted property. There will be many different assessments of the replacement value of your property, unless it was recently purchased, and you can be sure that an insurance company will make you a “lowball” offer. Fortunately, knowledgeable property damage attorneys can negotiate with these businesses on your behalf.


Atlanta Property Damage Lawyer

Any damage to your personal property as a result of an accident is referred to as property damage (PD). Your vehicle will probably make up the majority of your PD claim if you were in a car accident. You should be aware, though, that you may also be eligible for compensation for other things that the accident-related damage caused.
Even though property damage is typically a part of every personal injury claim, there are situations when you might merely want to submit a claim for property damage. A Kaine Law property damage attorney in Atlanta can ascertain what you are entitled to in compensation and fight to get it.

Property-Damage-Only Claims

You should only submit a property damage claim.
An accident caused damage to your vehicle.
You will not require any medical attention or physical therapy because there were no physical wounds.
The other personal belongings that were in the automobile at the time of the collision were destroyed or damaged. For instance, this may apply to your wardrobe, eyewear, or even electrical devices like your laptop, camera, or cell phone.

Car Accidents Without Bodily Injuries

What actions should you take following an accident if no one is hurt physically?

1) File a claim: If another driver was at fault for the collision, that driver’s insurance provider is liable for compensating you for any property damage as a result of that driver’s carelessness.

2) Reserve a rental vehicle. How quickly the opposing insurance company acknowledges liability will determine how long this process takes.You could be better off going through the collision coverage of your own car’s insurance if there is a question of liability or if the other insurance company is taking too long to arrange for a rental car. For the time being, you will be required to pay your deductible; however, if the liable driver’s insurance provider completes their inquiry and acknowledges liability, your deductible sum will be returned to you as part of your settlement as a reimbursement.

3) Have your car assessed for repairs. The sooner you finish this step, the faster you may anticipate having your car fixed. Choose where to take your automobile for repairs after the insurance company has valued it. People frequently believe they have to use the repair facility the insurance provider suggests. Although the insurance provider may make it seem like this is the only choice, this is not true.

You might decide to have your car repaired at a shop of your choosing after an adjuster has valued it. However, keep in mind that the insurance provider will only cover repairs up to the price they deem acceptable. If you had any valuables harmed during the crash. In your property damage claim, don’t forget to include these items. To demonstrate the value of these products, it is beneficial to collect pictures and invoices.


Remember to bring your car seat! Even if the child was not in the car seat at the time of the collision, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) advises parents to replace car seats if they were in the vehicle.

The explosive energy of even a modest car collision can harm the plastic of a child’s car seat because the tremendous forces brought on by a car accident can bend the steel frame of a vehicle. even if the damage is invisible with The safety of a booster seat or car seat may be jeopardized if you look at it with your naked eye. Don’t jeopardise your child’s safety; in addition, your property damage claim should include payment for a replacement car seat from your auto insurance provider

What is a Property Damage Claim Worth?

It is hard to predict how your property damage case will turn out, as it is with all civil actions. No one can promise that your case will succeed, but our firm may be able to assist you in determining how much your case may be worth. There are two methods for estimating the value of a property damage claim.
Whether or not the property damage is sufficiently severe to preclude repair, the amount of compensation will depend on this. If the damage to your property can be repaired, you may be entitled to compensation for the cost of doing so. Repairs aren’t always an option; that’s true. This frequently occurs with serious motor vehicles where the vehicles are regarded as totaled.”
The value of your property before the damage may be used as compensation if the damage is beyond repair. A repair might be possible but impractical in particular circumstances. For instance, expensive repairs may end up costing more than the vehicle is worth. In these situations, the insurance provider may decide to cover the vehicle’s value.


There Is a Deadline to File a Property Damage Lawsuit

The statute of limitations is one of the things you should take into account while evaluating a property damage lawsuit. The statute of limitations is the time frame within which you must file a civil case.
The repercussions of breaking the statute of limitations may be severe. In most cases, your action will be dismissed with prejudice if the statute is not followed. That implies that you are permanently barred from pursuing your case.
Your Atlanta property damage attorney may be able to help you by giving you guidance on the deadline for filing your complaint. They may make sure that your rights are upheld by keeping track of all the deadlines imposed by the law in your case.

Can a Property Damage Claim Settle Before an Injury Case Is Resolved?

A vehicle accident frequently leads to both a personal injury action and a case for property damage. These cases might be related to the same occurrence, but that does not guarantee that they will be resolved simultaneously. This is so that insurance claims involving bodily injury and claims involving property damage can be handled independently.
It is also possible to settle one claim but not the other due to the different policy limits that apply to liability coverage for property damage and injury claims. Property lawsuits frequently reach a settlement much earlier than instances involving bodily harm. This is accurate for a number of reasons. The cost of property damage claims is more objective than the damages, first and foremost


Accidents and disasters do occur, and when they do, we are here to assist you in recovering. Discover our areas of property damage below.
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