bicycle accident lawyer

Los Angeles residents frequently use bicycles as a heart-healthy, environmentally beneficial substitute for snarled traffic. In a single year, almost 467,000 cyclists were injured in incidents in the United States, and more than 1,000 cyclists passed away as a result of their injuries. Sadly, cars are not always attentive enough to respect the space around bikers.
These collisions have the potential to drastically affect the lives of injury victims and their families. These people frequently require monetary compensation to cover medical costs, missed earnings, and other costs associated with a bike accident in order to adjust to these changes. A victim in this situation needs the assistance of an accomplished accident attorney in Los Angeles. But not just any lawyer will do. A Los Angeles is necessary.

bicycle accident lawyer
bicycle accident lawyer

What Causes Bicycle Accidents?

Accidents involving bicycles can have any number of various reasons, much like accidents involving motor vehicles, but because bikers are less protected than drivers or passengers, they are at much higher risk of suffering catastrophic or fatal injuries. Additionally, a bicycle accident may be caused by a variety of circumstances, including: For instance, a collision with a pedestrian or car door might not result in severe injury on its own, but it might propel the cyclist into the path of approaching cars or trucks.

Some of the most common ways that bicycle crashes occur in L.A.

  • Collisions at intersections: When a car driver fails to stop for a cyclist at a junction, a rear-end collision results. Often, the driver cannot brake in time because they are travelling too quickly or following too closely.
  • Collisions caused by left-turning vehicles: A automobile turning left as a cyclist passes through an intersection. Unaware drivers have the potential to ram into or pull out in front of bicyclists, sending them crashing into the side of the vehicle.
  • Right-hand turn collisions (also known as “right hook” collisions) occur when an automobile makes a right turn while a bicyclist is approaching an intersection, crossing the bike lane and colliding with the bicyclist who is travelling straight. On occasion, the driver of the car disregards the turn signal.a warning signal to the biker.
  • Accidents involving doors – A driver may open a door without first looking behind to see if a cyclist is approaching. The cyclist may find it very simple to slam into the door.
bicycle accident lawyer
bicycle accident lawyer

How Do You Prove Your Bicycle Accident Claim?

Despite the fact that negligence is often a factor in bicycle accident claims, it can be difficult to pinpoint and demonstrate instances of negligence. In order to convince an insurance company that our client deserves the compensation we are requesting – or to convince a jury that our client was not at fault – Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP is vigilant about properly examining each of its bicycle accident cases.

Many forms of negligence can lead to bicycle accidents, and some of our cases have involved:

  • Careless driving – By paying attention and abiding by all applicable traffic laws, drivers can safely share the road with bikes. We are all aware that negligent drivers occasionally make errors or poor decisions. These may include operating a vehicle while inattentive, neglecting to indicate, or failing to yield appropriately.
  • It is no secret that drivers in California are frequently rushing, which can lead to aggressive driving and road rage. Bicyclists cannot keep up with moving traffic, and often irritated drivers become confrontational. In an effort to get a cyclist to move over or pick up speed, some drivers will tailgate bicycles. Drivers may also attempt to pass cyclists improperly or too closely, resulting in collisions. Drivers who are in a rage may even make threats or intentionally hurt bikers.
  • driving while intoxicated – Drunk drivers have a It can be challenging for drivers who are intoxicated or under the influence of drugs to pay attention and avoid colliding with other vehicles, let alone see and avoid hitting bicyclists. Many potentially catastrophic or life-threatening bike accidents in and around Los Angeles are entirely avoidable and caused by drunk driving.
  • Opening car doors in the path of a bike Accidents involving open doors are common in Los Angeles, as was already established. Although there are no collisions with moving vehicles in these accidents, cyclists can still sustain severe injuries if they are unexpectedly struck by a fixed car door and are flung off their bikes into oncoming traffic, other objects, or the road. Commonly, drivers and passengers in cars open their doors without first checking their mirrors, as required by law.
  • Of course, reckless individuals who are not just drivers could also be a factor in mishaps. If the driver was employed at the time of the collision, the employer may be held accountable for the employee’s negligence. Bicycle accidents could also result from other individuals’ or companies’ negligence.

Such negligence can include:

The responsibility to develop and maintain safe roadways, including bike lanes and bike pathways, falls on departments of transportation. Improperly planned bike lanes or other hazardous road conditions are examples of this responsibility. If a cyclist sustains significant injuries due to a bike lane, road, or path that has potholes or other dangers or is poorly constructed, the responsible government agency should be held accountable.
faulty bike helmets and bicycles with improperly built parts: manufacturers of bicycles are required to market secure bicycles for appropriate use. Victims should hold the company liable for the cyclist’s significant losses when it sells a defective bicycle or bicycle component that malfunctions and causes the rider to crash. The same may be said for bicycle helmets that were faulty and caused severe brain injury

bicycle accident lawyer
bicycle accident lawyer

What Financial Compensation Is Available for Bicycle Crash Victims?

Your choice of attorney is crucial in any situation. But don’t wait too long to get in touch with the best law firm. If you do, it can get harder to gather proof over time.

Additionally, California law only gives you a short window of time to file a lawsuit.

  • You normally have six months from the date of your accident to file a lawsuit against the government, if you must.
  • In most cases, you only have two years from the accident date to file a lawsuit against a private individual

Millions in Recovery for Catastrophic Bicycle Injuries

Victims of bicycle accidents may experience permanent disability, monetary losses, and agony and suffering. Don’t give up, though; at Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP in Los Angeles, our incredibly talented and dedicated attorneys know how to assist accident victims in this critical scenario. Because we are committed to helping badly injured clients and their families, we take on even the most difficult injury situations.
Our track record of client outcomes, in addition to our standing in California and across the United States, speaks for itself. After catastrophic injuries, our clients have losses of millions of dollars, and we regularly and successfully get the settlements and verdicts necessary to adequately compensate them.

bicycle accident lawyer
bicycle accident lawyer

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