Top 20 Best Law Firm Websites in 2023

Your clients may interact with you online thanks to effective law firm websites. Excellent lawyer websites are simple to use and make it obvious what kinds of services they provide.

However, the finest law firm websites present a strong, distinct identity for your office while offering a simple, client-centered experience.

Taking into account branding, technological aspects, and customer experience, we have revised our ranking of the top 20 law firm websites for 2023. See who made the cut this year—both well-known and up-and-coming names—for ideas for the website of your own legal practice.

How does the website for your legal practice compare?

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1. ASA Law Group

ASA Law Group
ASA Law Group

The top-ranked legal firm website is ASA Legal Group, an Oak Brook, Illinois-based worker’s compensation defense practice. Their website highlights their areas of competence, practice areas, and business clientele, with an emphasis on a client-centered approach as opposed to a billable one. Additionally, they include telebriefs in their news section to explain how they cater to the demands of their clientele.

2. Beacon Law

Beacon Law
Beacon Law

Many lawyer websites make the mistake of overly complex their layout, which confuses visitors. By clearly stating their mission and identity on their homepage—”We fight equal justice for homeless, low-income persons and rectify the situations that burden and marginalize them”—Beacon Law is able to avoid this.

On their webpage, there is an online intake form that is both easy to locate and understand. For people who need legal services immediately, this greatly improves the user experience.

3. Bend Law Group

Beacon Law
Beacon Law

The most effective law firm websites all prioritize branding and making an impression on the user as soon as they land on the page. Bend Law Group does this magnificently with their striking webpage headline, “Dream big.” We’ve got you covered.

Bend has also received recognition from a number of prestigious publications, and its main page features their highest SuperLawyer, Avvo, and Yelp ratings.

Lastly, the company makes sure that current and potential clients can readily reach them by prominently displaying their phone number, address, and email.

Their San Francisco, California-based legal practice focuses on commercial and intellectual property issues.

4. California Innocence Project

California Innocence Project
California Innocence Project

The California Innocence Project aids in the release of those who have been unfairly imprisoned in California. Their website’s simplicity is what gives it strength. Since they are aware that their work will immediately inspire and connect with their audience, their website design places a high value on compelling imagery and language that clearly communicates their objective. It also provides prompt answers to inquiries concerning innocence groups and the urgency of immediate assistance.

Websites for law firms seldom have this much influence.

5. Evolve Law

With its simple navigation and wide range of services, Evolve Law, a family law firm with offices across Canada, makes it very simple for both new and existing customers to navigate around their website. With several calls to action to get in touch with them, they’ve made doing intake simple. Their contact information is conveniently located on the site. And? They offer a blog part where they post information on family law for visitors. We also like that they offer social evidence in the form of endorsements from previous customers.

6. Fresh Legal

With its simple navigation and wide range of services, Evolve Law, a family law firm with offices across Canada, makes it very simple for both new and existing customers to navigate around their website. With several calls to action to get in touch with them, they’ve made doing intake simple. Their contact information is conveniently located on the site. And? They offer a blog part where they post information on family law for visitors. We also like that they offer social evidence in the form of endorsements from previous customers.

7. Harvey-Jacob Law

The website of Harvey-Jacob Law makes it apparent what they believe in and how they can assist you. They are a commercial and intellectual property legal practice that supports professionals both domestically and abroad, small business startups, entrepreneurs, and creators in developing and safeguarding their enterprises. Harvey-Jacob Law has many calls-to-action on its website to encourage potential customers to get in contact, much like many other law firms featured on our list of the top websites.

8. Hoglund, Chwialkowski, & Mrozik, P.L.L.C.

The rapidly expanding Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota-based bankruptcy and Social Security legal firm Hoglund, Chwialkowski & Mrozik, P.L.L.C. fully comprehends the aforementioned idea.

First of all, their unambiguous homepage makes their practice areas prominently visible, informing clients that they are at the proper spot. The company then emphasizes that customers may get started for free, allaying concerns about costs, and their phone number is highlighted with a call-to-action button in a vibrant color, making them simple to reach.

9. K Bennett Law LLC

A boutique provider of subscription legal services is K Bennett Law LLC. Kim Bennett is an IP attorney based in Atlanta, Georgia, who practices in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The firm’s support for legal firms is evident from the outset of their website design. The neat, well-designed home page makes a good first impression by providing three options for contact, including live chat and consultation scheduling. The home page also lists the many services that are provided and emphasizes that there is a single, 100% flat rate, which is crucial for new business owners with predictable budgets who are cost careful.

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10. Kinchloe Law

The website of Kinchloe legal, a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based legal company that practices commercial, family, and disability litigation, is easy to use. They have an option to initiate a conversation directly from their home page, a clear button, and a banner that make it simple to get in touch. Founder Alycia Kinchloe also uses A House Divided: A Family Law Podcast to highlight her skills on the website.

11. LayRoots

One of the greatest legal company websites available today is that of LayRoots, a Seattle, Washington, asset protection and estate planning law business.

With a strong call to action for anybody debating asset protection, their website instantly captures users’ attention (“You earned it. Save it or run the danger of losing it. You may save time by scheduling a consultation by selecting a time from their calendar, and the website design has a “contact us” form at the bottom of every page along with their address (complete with a map) to make it easier to get in touch. In addition, they provide social evidence in the form of several Google reviews to support their client-centered work and services.

12. Levine Family Law Group

A sleek, welcoming website from Levine Family Law Group, a full-service, multimillion dollar divorce and family law firm servicing the Bay Area of California, explains services provided and how Levine Group best serves client needs: “Divorce is stressful.” Our aim is to cause you as little expense and inconvenience as possible.

The best thing about their website, in our opinion, is that their services section offers a comprehensive description of all the ways they may assist families, including mediation, full representation, and second opinions, in addition to practice areas.

13. Locks Law Firm

On its webpage, Locks legal practice, a personal injury legal practice with locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, emphasizes that it achieves results—more than $1 billion, to be exact—in order to gain customers’ trust. From the homepage, clients may quickly determine whether they have a case (without having to wait to speak with someone) and fill out a form to get in touch with the company at no cost.

14. Modern Law

Mesa, Arizona-based family law business Modern Law offers customers a direct route to get their issues addressed right from their webpage. Their homepage’s accessibility choices, which include a text reader, text magnification, and color display options among others, are what we find most appealing.

We particularly appreciate that users may select alternatives tailored to their particular circumstance, such as “I am studying legal firms” or “I need economical divorce options,” or they can use the prominent, obvious call-to-action button in the middle of the page to schedule a consultation.

15. Palace Law

Building confidence in their services is a slogan that Tacoma, Washington-based Palace litigation, a personal injury litigation and worker’s compensation business, adheres to. They do this by emphasizing accolades and recognition on their webpage, which supports their claim to be a “top rated” legal practice. Clients may simply find out the value of their case and can get in touch with the business in both English and Spanish through a variety of methods.

16. Roach Law

With locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Roach Law boasts seasoned trial lawyers. On their website, the legal practice makes it easy to arrange a consultation by providing an intake form and prominently displaying their phone number. Additionally, customers may quickly schedule a consultation or learn more about the firm’s coverage for each practice area it services.

17. ELC MD

ELC MD’s homepage immediately grabs attention with its strong language and simple design. We file lawsuits against negligent employers, and you should see an employment attorney immediately. We’ve never seen better copywriting on a legal firm website than what’s in “We can do that.”

With an emphasis on employment law in Maryland, ELC MD employs its non-profit status, cutting-edge technology, and flexible payment options to lower the cost of employment counsel for more Maryland workers. They employ a problem-and-solution structure in their website text to highlight visitors’ pain spots, demonstrate their understanding of how annoying they are, and provide remedies through their services. This type of model is very powerful and convincing.

18. Elevator Law

Another website that makes the cut is Elevator Law, which stands out for its superior marketing and copywriting.

The goal statement of this wills and estates law practice is strong and enticing: “You have a significant narrative. Preserve the labor of your life. The website uses a consistent style of client-centered narrative and has images that give off a cozy, small-town vibe.  We particularly like that this Alberta, Canada-based legal practice accepts online payments and provides potential customers with a free 15-minute consultation.

19. Vela Wood

Vela Wood is a Dallas and Austin-based legal practice that specializes on small businesses and venture capital funds. Their website features clean, polished branding that demonstrates the kind of service one may anticipate from the firm. Additionally, the company’s website has a “startup center” section, a venture glossary, and a podcast. By doing this, they support their business clients and foster a culture of trust.

20. Ziva Law

Ziva Law, a Honolulu, Hawaii-based legal business that specializes in commercial lease negotiations, rounds out our list of the top law firm websites.

They excel in clearly outlining their services and the benefits of working with them for a corporation or business. Commercial renters can get a free due diligence checklist from them on their website. This is beneficial as it increases authority and confidence among clients.

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