Tax Disputes

Tax Disputes
Tax Disputes

Litigation Or Dispute Types

Litigation Or Dispute Types

Civil tax litigation

Criminal tax litigation

Tax Evasion And Other Criminal Tax Offenses

Tax Disputes
  • Beyond what the defendant’s income tax return said, the defendant owes a significant sum of income tax.
  • The accused actively attempted to avoid or defeat income taxes in whatever manner.

The following are the most common criminal tax violations and their components:

Fraud or false statements (26 USC § 7206)

Signed under penalty of perjury, the defendant’s tax return contained a written declaration.
The defendant made a statement in the return, and it was either known or should have been known that the statement was false.
The defendant intentionally disregarded a recognized legal obligation while making the remark.

Resolve Tax Disputes

  • The Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) is a free service that helps you settle tax-related disputes. Get assistance with unfulfilled or delayed refunds and help if you can’t pay your taxes. Find the local equivalent of a taxpayer advocate.
  • Low-Income Taxpayer Clinics (LITCs): Get in touch with your neighborhood LITC for low-cost or free services. In IRS matters, LITCs speak for specific people. They inform taxpayers of their responsibilities and rights. Additionally, they can help taxpayers for whom English is a second language (ESL).
  • Office of Appeals: An impartial IRS division helps you settle tax disputes out of tax court. Assess if you should file an appeal.
  • Integrated Lien Management: Validating a lien, determining the lien payback amount, and discharging a lien are among the common and basic tax lien matters that the IRS tackles. Contact the Internal Revenue Service’s Centralized Lien Operation at PO Box 145595, Stop 8420G, Cincinnati, OH 45250-559, or call 1-800-913-6050 for assistance.

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