Types of Criminal Offenses

In spite of the fact that there are many different kinds of crimes, criminal acts can generally be grouped into five primary categories. Crimes against an individual, property, inchoate, statutory, and financial crimes fall all in these categories.

Crimes Against a Person

Criminal Offenses
Criminal Offenses

Criminal offenses that hurt someone are those that hurt someone physically or mentally. They can be classified into two major categories: homicide and other violent crimes. A defendant may be charged with any one of several types of homicide, including first-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, or vehicular homicide, if the physical harm to another person is so severe that it causes death. In Gegenrichtung, gewalttatige Verbrechen, die ebenfalls erst schwerwiegend sind, umfassen:

  • Assault and batte
  • Arson
  • Domestic abuse
  • Child abuse
  • Kidnapping
  • Rape and statutory rape

Crimes Against Property

Typischerweise beinhalten Verse gegen die Eigentumsrechte die Beeintrachtigung der Eigentumsrechte einer anderen Partei. They primarily result in the deprivation of the use or enjoyment of property, even though they may involve physical or mental harm to another. Various property crimes include theft, such as burglary, larceny, robbery, auto theft, and shoplifting.

Inchoate Crimes

Criminal Offenses
Criminal Offenses

Inchoate crimes are those that were initiated but not finished, and acts that aid in the commission of another crime. Inchoate crimes require more than just the intention to commit a crime. Instead, in order to be found guilty, the individual must take a “substantial step”.

Aiding and abetting, attempt, and conspiracy are inchoate crimes. Inchoate crimes can be punished to the same degree as the underlying crime in some cases, but the punishment might be less severe in other cases.

Statutory Crimes

In addition to the above-mentioned offenses, statutary offenses are also incluAlcohol-related lated, drug related, traffic offenses, and financial/white collar crimes are three major statutory crimes. These crimes are specifically banned by law because society hopes to deter people from doing them. A variety of offenses related to how and where alcohol can be consumed are included in alcohol-related crimes, such as:

Driving Under the Influence (DUI/OWI/DWI)Open Container Violations, Minor in Possession of Alcohol

Public Intoxication, Underage Driving DUI, Selling and Providing Alcohol to Minors

Refusing to Perform a Field Sobriety Test

Criminal Offenses
Criminal Offenses

Refusing to Perform a Breathalyzer or Provide a Blood Sample Drug crimes involve any involvement in the creation or distribution of drugs, including drug possession, drug manufacturing,and drug trafficking.

The regulation and prosecution of drug crimes related to medical marijuana is currently one area of criminal law that is receiving a great deal of attention. Because of state trends to legalize medical marijuana, this is an area of criminal law in flux.

Traffic offenses include offenses that may occur while a person is driving a vehicle.

auf offentlichen Straen. A DUI, OWI, or DWI is considered both an alcohol-related and a traffic offense because it involves both alcohol and the use of a vehicle. Driving on a suspended or revoked license, driving without a license, hit-and-run accidents, reckless driving, and vehicular assault are additional traffic offenses. When a traffic offense causes death, it can be charged as a far more serious crime, like homicide.

Financial and Other Crimes

Criminal Offenses
Criminal Offenses

Last but not least, financial crimes often involve deception or fraud for financial gain. Anyone in any industry can commit a white-collar crime, even though white-collar crimes derive their name from the corporate officers who historically perpetrated them. Many types of fraud and blackmail, embezzlement and money laundering, tax evasion, and cybercrime are all part of these crimes.



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