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LOD assists GCs and compliance teams in organizing, concentrating, and achieving operational improvement in quick and easy methods. The way legal and compliance teams operate has changed over the last ten years thanks to LOD. We still dominate the market we founded and are currently among the biggest and fastest-growing flexible legal outsourcing services companies in the world.

With a staff of more than 250 excellent attorneys, consultants, and compliance specialists in the Asia-Pacific region (and over 600 worldwide), LOD has the means and experience to provide customers with adaptable and cost-effective solutions.

With offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Dubai, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and Germany, LOD maintains a sizable international footprint.

Dedicated to finding new and improved methods to work with clients and attorneys alike, We help our customers focus on outputs rather than overheads by empowering attorneys to take charge of their work and where they work. LOD gives consultants and attorneys the flexibility to work for clients of their choosing and on a flexible schedule.

People join us for a variety of reasons; they may seek a change in work environment or time to focus on personal hobbies or interests. They do, however, share the need for top-notch employment with prestigious organizations and a certain level of control—something that traditional models are unable to provide. Working with LOD is a choice for our attorneys and consultants in terms of both career and lifestyle.

Additionally, our clients have clear, simple access to competent people in a more adaptable, economical, and successful way. Above all, we think that a joyful and high-spirited culture is crucial. Although practicing law requires a lot of labor, it should also be fulfilling and fun.

An interview with LOD’s head of innovation and design

What drew your attention to legal innovation?

I became obsessed with procedures and systems when I started my first job at McDonald’s when I was 13 years old—boxing fries. more especially, how systems and processes may be enhanced over time for the benefit of users, employees, and other stakeholders. I’m very fascinated by it, despite the fact that this may seem corny.

Nothing truly changed once I became a lawyer and moved past the Golden Arches. I’m constantly curious, perplexed, and wondering “why”—why do things the way we do, why do attorneys moan about their employment so frequently, why do customers become upset with them so frequently, why is this taking so long, and why do I have to read this three times before I understand?

Individuals or groups that pursue the “why” question with unwavering persistence are frequently the source of innovation. And for someone who is constantly asking “why,” invention comes easily to her. After all, innovation won’t occur if you only accept the current situation.

What is the history behind Lexvoco?

I enjoy being a lawyer, but not in the “conventional” sense of working five days a week in a corporate setting doing the same tasks where hours spent is much too frequently the determining factor in success. That is bad news for all the other aspects of life except employment. I’ve also always aspired to launch my own business and “be my own boss.”

I decided to take action in my early 30s after complaining to my wife about job and having several conversations about it.It made sense and was the least dangerous option if I were ever to start something on my own to do it in law. Thus, I presume that, similar to every other legal company that has ever been, ours began with a single attorney examining a contract and offering advise. From then, everything happened.

Selling goods or services to the market is a common practice for all businesses, legal or otherwise. For your target audience, you need to do it “better” than most others, have a clear purpose, mean something to your team and consumers, and put in a lot of effort.

At Lexvoco, what were some of your biggest a chievements?

I’ve had this query raised a few times. It would seem reasonable to mention the accomplishments and work done for clients, but that’s not how I measured our success. Our biggest accomplishment was creating an environment where, for the most part, everyone on our team enjoyed coming to work and deeply cared about both our clients and each other. We had our share of struggles and arguments, just like any other team, but that’s just a part of life and relationships.

We all had mutual regard, admiration, and trust, and we fostered a wonderful work atmosphere that enabled our team to assist our clients.

Success to me also meant more than just “we gave client XYZ some legal counsel.” When we assessed success, it was mostly based on how well attorneys in organizations were doing. In what ways did we save them time?

streamline the procedure, how did we assist them get more respect from the organization, and how did we enable them to leave work sooner and work less hours?

Why did you decide to team up with LOD?

Actually, there were three main causes:

We are now able to use legal tech solutions and expand our legal activities across international borders. Attaining the operational size of LOD enables us to swiftly expand our endeavors beyond ANZ, strategically centering on Asia.
Over the years, I came to meet a few of LOD’s important figures, and we had similar beliefs and ideals. They were kind and wonderful individuals. It was an obvious cultural match.
Personally, I thought there was still a lot I could learn and develop inside the LOD group.


Can I work with other legal services providers?

Indeed. Over the years, I’ve worked up to four. There is no such thing as unethical behavior, and working for many companies concurrently is not immoral either.

How long does it take to be placed on assignment?

Students can anticipate a single project to take anything from a few hours to several days on average, while the precise length of time may

What is the average length of an assignment?

Type of essayAverage word count range
High school essay300–1000 words
College admission essay200–650 words
Undergraduate college essay1500–5000 words
Graduate school admission essay500–1000 words

Do I need a Practising Certificate?

To determine if you must apply for a practicing certificate or a combined practicing certificate and audit, see the eligibility conditions below.

Can I work flexibly?

Although anybody can politely ask to work flexibly, there are legal protections for certain individuals. As of right now, any worker has 26 weeks of experience with

Can I work flexibly?

While anybody can formally request flexible work hours, there are legal protections for certain individuals. At the moment, any worker who has worked for 26 weeks with

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