Wrongful Death Attorney

A family files a wrongful death lawsuit when a loved one dies due to the carelessness of another. The wrongful death attorneys at Glasheen, Valles & Inderman are committed to pursuing the justice that is rightfully yours or your loved ones’.

Wrongful Death

We have the resources to ascertain the cause and manner of an accident as skilled wrongful death attorneys. Even though money cannot bring back the sorrow of losing a loved one, we think that by holding those responsible for wrongdoing accountable, we can prevent another family from experiencing a similar tragedy.

According to the law, a person who dies in an accident brought on by the carelessness of another person’s parents, spouse, and children have the right to file a lawsuit to get compensation for their losses—both monetary and emotional.

Claim for Wrongful Death

On behalf of the other beneficiaries, any “beneficiary” of wrongful death may file a wrongful death lawsuit. An estate does not need to be probated in order for a wrongful death claim to be made, and the plaintiff need not be a beneficiary of a will or the estate’s administrator.

Wrongful Death Attorney

Claim of Survival

A “survival claim” is connected to the wrongful death claim but distinct from it. A survival claim is a claim for medical costs and damages, including pain and suffering, that is made on behalf of the decedent’s estate before their passing.

If someone else’s carelessness caused your loved one to pass away, our wrongful death attorneys will offer sympathetic and knowledgeable legal assistance for

California Wrongful Death Attorney

The family of the deceased can sue the person or organization at fault for wrongful death when another person’s careless or malicious actions resulted in their loved one’s death.

When someone dies as a result of an automobile accident, a faulty product, or an intentional killing—such as murder—a wrongful death case may be filed.

We are aware that money cannot replace a lost loved one. On the other hand, a wrongful death case might offer surviving family members support and financial stability going forward. More significantly, a wrongful death case has the power to demand accountability and make an effort to shield others from suffering the same fate as your loved one.

Having practiced law for more than 150 years together, our attorneys have successfully represented the families of hundreds of victims of wrongful death. We have established ourselves as tenacious advocates and can prove that we have won favorable decisions for our clients.

Chicago wrongful death attorney

In Illinois, what constitutes a wrongful death?

A death brought on by an unjust act or neglect is referred to as wrongful death under the Illinois Wrongful Death Act.

One useful method to ascertain if a circumstance qualifies as wrongful death is to ascertain whether the deceased individual would have been qualified to receive compensation in the event of a personal injury case had they not passed away.

In Chicago, who is eligible to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit?

The personal representative of a deceased person’s estate is required by the Illinois Wrongful Death Act to bring legal action on the deceased’s behalf.

Illinois law permits family members, such as the surviving spouse or adult child of a deceased individual, to function as his or her personal representative unless the deceased designated a specific person to do so. to make a claim for wrongful death. A parent may also bring a lawsuit for a child’s wrongful death.

Wrongful Death Attorney
Wrongful Death Attorney

The court will probably choose one of the close relatives listed above to serve as the claim’s personal representative if the deceased person passed away before appointing a personal representative for their estate.

Why do I require legal counsel?

A wrongful death case may not always be simple, as several variables may be involved. Liability and just recompense may be questioned due to a number of factors.

The court also has stringent deadlines and filing standards for all kinds of lawsuits. A procedural misstep could have dangerous repercussions. It might even result in a court dismissing a lawsuit before it even gets to the experimental stage.

Engaging the services of a knowledgeable Chicago personal injury lawyer can greatly enhance your claim. A skilled attorney can avoid formal errors that could ruin a case.

Hiring a lawyer can also guarantee that the family’s legal matters are handled competently, allowing them to concentrate on grieving in silence.

Throughout the course of a lawsuit, attorneys can assist clients with personal financial matters, handle depositions and interrogatories sent to defendants, and reply to letters from associated insurance companies.

What is the price to retain a Chicago wrongful death lawyer?

Our legal practice at Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates handles every case on a contingency fee basis. Clients are guaranteed no out-of-pocket expenses, and they only have to pay legal fees if and when we win their cases. The Chicago wrongful death attorneys at Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates work to maintain complete openness in all facets of our billing procedures. A contingency fee is deducted from the ultimate case settlement or trial award.

How long do I have in Chicago to make a claim for wrongful death?

The statute of limitations, or deadline, for wrongful death lawsuits in Illinois is one year. The Act may also permit the claimant to pursue on the basis of the underlying claim that underlies the claim; however, this year starts on the date of the relevant death.

For instance, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is two years in the event that a personal injury results in death. In this case, the claimants would have up to two years to submit a claim for wrongful death.

Alabama Wrongful Death Attorneys

Losing a loved one is the hardest thing in the world. If someone’s reckless behavior, negligence, or carelessness resulted in the death of your parent, spouse, or child, you may be able to sue for monetary damages for their wrongful death.

Two wrongful death provisions that Alabama previously passed permit an estate representative or a family member to file a lawsuit. When it comes to adult wrongful deaths, Alabama Code section 6-5-410 is applicable, while section 6-5-391 deals with minor child deaths. A drunk driver’s deadly automobile or truck accident, an accident at work, or an accident at a construction site can all result in a wrongful death.

To put it simply, a wrongful death has happened whenever the Death is the outcome of someone else’s wrongdoing. It goes without saying that in order to assess the viability of a wrongful death claim, you must be able to identify the wrongdoer and provide evidence of the wrongdoing’s causal relationship to the death.

In Alabama, a wrongful death lawsuit cannot be filed in the name of the deceased person. According to Alabama law, certain individuals who are qualified to file a wrongful death claim on behalf of the deceased are explicitly named and listed.

Wrongful Death Attorney
Wrongful Death Attorney

The family does not have to establish an estate in order to file a wrongful death claim on behalf of minor children. To file a wrongful death claim, any parent who was granted legal custody of the child at the time of the death may do so. on their deceased child’s behalf.

But with adults, since the matter will be prosecuted by a representative of the decedent’s estate, opening an estate through a probate court is usually necessary. Seeking early legal assistance to help set up an estate is crucial since opening an estate for a deceased individual can be a difficult and time-consuming process.

Your Outcome Is Important

In your hour of need, the attorneys at Hollis Wright are prepared to assist you. The wrongful death lawyers in Birmingham have years of expertise defending families who have lost a loved one as a result of the wrongdoing of another. Our attorneys possess an extensive and thorough comprehension of Alabama’s wrongful death laws and statutes.and are fully capable of looking into and pursuing these claims in order to optimize the family’s recovery.

Hollis Wright is dedicated to devoting a substantial amount of time and resources to conducting a complete and appropriate investigation into these matters, given the gravity of any scenario involving a fatality. We frequently bring in outside specialists to help with our investigations, including engineers, physicians, and accident reconstructionists.

The Hollis Wright lawyers have over the years assisted families who have lost a loved one and want to file a wrongful death claim from all around the state of Alabama. Families are regularly represented by our attorneys in wrongful death claims in.


At Chester Law Group, we are aware of the financial and psychological toll that a family may suffer following a wrongful death. We are dedicated to giving our clients caring and capable legal counsel because of this.

We are in a convenient place to assist families in their hour of need, with over 20 locations around Ohio. We are here to help you in any way we can. Our skilled Ohio wrongful death attorneys have guided numerous clients through the challenging legal process of filing a wrongful death claim. Get in touch with us right now, and let us help you and your family get the justice and recompense you are due.

Caring Assistance for Your Family

Our Ohio wrongful death attorneys are aware that one of the most trying circumstances is losing a loved one. A family may encounter. For this reason, we offer our customers considerate help and direction all the way through the legal process. In addition to closely collaborating with families to meet their material and emotional needs, we also provide resources for bereavement counseling and other support services as required. You may rely on us to support you at this trying time.

Our Method for Handling Ohio Wrongful Death Cases

When addressing Ohio wrongful death claims, the knowledgeable lawyers at Chester Law Group approach the case methodically and thoroughly. To find everyone who might be accountable, we carry out a thorough investigation. We then collaborate with expert witnesses to prove damages and a cause of action.

Our commitment is to seeking the highest possible compensation for our clients, and we utilize state-of-the-art technologies to support our instance. Our empathetic approach guarantees that our customers get the assistance they require all the way through the legal process.

Mark has forty years of experience fighting for the rights of families who have lost a loved one, whether through negligence or an unfair conduct.

Dallas Wrongful Death Attorneys

Kraft & Associates, P.C.’s team of Dallas wrongful death attorneys and employees has helped thousands of clients win settlements and verdicts totaling millions of dollars. Not less importantly, we have provided our clients with comfort and peace of mind knowing that they are adequately represented. Find out more about our team members and how we can support you.

The Dallas Injury Attorneys at Kraft’s Can Help Claim for Wrongful Death

It’s never easy to lose someone you love, but it’s considerably more difficult to deal with when that person’s carelessness or malicious behavior is to blame. It’s crucial to take into account the financial and legal concerns surrounding your situation while you and your family try to move on from your loss and grieve.

How Can I File a Dallas, Texas, Injury Claim?

Kraft & Associates, P.C.’s skilled Dallas wrongful death attorneys are considerate of our clients’ loss. By ensuring that your future financial requirements are satisfied, we hope to support you during this healing process. We will help you every step of the way when you file your lawsuit.

We are a reputable, well-established legal practice with approachable staff members and lawyers who specialize in wrongful death cases. Please use our online form or give us a maile (onlinelainelawyerhub@gmail.com) . Claims in Dallas County, Tarrant County, Denton County, Fort Worth, Arlington, Plano, and Euless are handled by our wrongful death attorneys.

What Are Typical Negligence Lawsuits in Texas?

When someone is killed as a result of the carelessness,

Recklessness,or deliberate behavior, a “wrongful death” takes place. One kind of personal injury case that enables surviving family members to pursue legal recompense for their loved one’s premature passing is a wrongful death lawsuit.

Another person or an organization, like a Dallas, Texas corporation, may be held accountable. Claims for wrongful death may encompass fatalities resulting from automobile collisions, workplace mishaps, and faulty or hazardous merchandise.

In Dallas, Texas, who is eligible to pursue a wrongful death claim?

Spouses, parents, and other direct family members of the victim may pursue a wrongful death lawsuit in Texas. Other relatives, like siblings or cousins, usually aren’t able to make a claim.

But the general norm is not always followed, so if you Please get in touch with us to explore your circumstances if you have any questions about your eligibility.

These kinds of cases have been successfully handled by Kraft & Associates, P.C., a Dallas wrongful death litigation company. Use the knowledge of our Dallas wrongful death attorneys to your advantage.

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