Property law

Intellectual Property

What Is Intellectual Property?

A company’s or an individual’s collection of intangible assets that are legally protected from being used or implemented by third parties without permission is referred to as intellectual property. A company’s or individual’s non-physical assets are known as intangible assets. The idea behind intellectual property is that some creations of human intelligence need to have

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Probate Law

Probate Law

During probate, a court will determine if a document presented as a will is legitimate. The Probate Law Court will supervise the distribution of property in accordance with the stipulations of the will if it deems the will to be legitimate. Frequently, the testator has named an executor in the will who will oversee the

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Top 10 World’s Catastrophic Accidents

Numerous miles below the surface of the ocean are where offshore accidents in oil and gas industry exploration occur. In addition to requiring extremely sophisticated technology, oil platforms can be hazardous environments with a variety of environmental risks. Well drilling dates back thousands of years. The first recorded incident was in China in 347 AD.

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