Houston truck accident lawyer simmons and fletcher

Our truck accident attorneys have years of expertise taking on adjusters, investigators, and attorneys who work for trucking firms on behalf of wounded accident victims. The attorneys for the trucking corporations will attempt to reduce their responsibility for your injuries. To defend your rights and fight back, you need a knowledgeable trucking accident attorney. Nationwide, we take on trucking companies houston truck accident lawyer simmons and fletcher.

Do not allow these large corporations to ignore the evidence and their negligence. evidence in particular to support your claims. A law firm with the resources and expertise to take on large businesses is what you need. Call Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., Injury & Accident Lawyers right now to arrange your no-cost consultation with a Houston truck accident attorney.

personal injury lawyer in Houston, Simmons and fletcher

personal injury lawyer in Houston, Simmons and fletcher

Accidents are a regrettable fact of life, and they frequently leave victims dealing with physical harm, mental suffering, and financial obligations. Having a committed personal injury attorney on your side when such circumstances happen can make all the difference in ensuring you receive the justice and compensation you are entitled to. Simmons and Fletcher is a law firm in Houston that stands out for its continuous dedication to clients.

Simmons and Fletcher: Your Reliable Houston Legal Team, Can Help You Through Personal Injury Claims

Accidents are a regrettable fact of life, and they frequently leave victims dealing with physical harm, mental suffering, and financial obligations. Having a committed personal injury attorney on your side when such circumstances happen can make all the difference in ensuring you receive the justice and compensation you are entitled to. Simmons and Fletcher is a law firm in Houston that stands out for its continuous dedication to clients.

A Legacy of Excellence and Compassion

Not just another law office, Simmons and Fletcher, P.C., is a representation of compassion, excellence, and honesty. They have been a dependable source of assistance for personal injury victims in Houston and beyond for more than 40 years. created by Robert This company, founded by S. Simmons and Keith M. Fletcher, has fostered a culture that prioritizes the needs of its clients.

Wide-ranging expertise

The unique skill Simmons and Fletcher possess in addressing a variety of personal injury claims is what truly sets them apart. Their team of seasoned solicitors has the experience and expertise required to handle even the most difficult legal problems, from vehicle accidents and slip-and-fall events to catastrophic injuries and tragic deaths.

Customer-Centered Approach

At Simmons and Fletcher, the needs of the client are put first. Their dedication to comprehending the particulars of each situation is demonstrated by their client-centered approach. They understand that personal injuries frequently result in financial strain and emotional distress in addition to physical agony. Simmons and Fletcher’s lawyers take the time to pay attention to their clients’ particular requirements, empathize, and adapt their approach accordingly.

A Proven History of Success

In the legal profession, success is determined not only by the number of cases won, but also by the beneficial effect on clients’ lives. The track record of favorable judgments and settlements achieved by Simmons and Fletcher speaks eloquently about their commitment to pursuing justice. These triumphs represent more than just monetary rewards; for the victims and their families, they represent a sense of justice and closure that has been restored.

Engagement of the Community and Empowerment

Beyond the courtroom, Simmons and Fletcher are dedicated to their clients. The company actively participates in the Houston community through a number of programs designed to promote safety, increase knowledge of personal injury issues, and give people more control with legal expertise. Their commitment to making a difference is evidence of their belief in a society where justice and safety are universal values.


Having a reliable ally like Simmons and Fletcher might be consoling in trying circumstances in a world where accidents can completely change lives in an instant. One of Houston’s top personal injury legal companies, they are known for their caring representation, extensive knowledge, and client-centered strategy. Keep in mind that Simmons and Fletcher are available to help you through the complexities of the legal system and fight for the justice you are entitled to if you find yourself in the terrible circumstances of a personal injury.

Why Choose Us For Your Truck Accident Case?

The experience you need to take on the defense team for the trucking sector is available at Simmons and Fletcher, P.C. Our lawyers have handled semi-crash lawsuits ranging from decapitation-causing underride truck accidents to faulty braking instances. In the event that we lose your truck accident case, there is no fee for the initial consultation houston truck accident lawyer simmons and fletcher If you have any further inquiries regarding hiring, feel free to email or contact onlinelawyerhub right now to find a lawyer to take up the matter of your vehicle accident! lawyer to take up the matter of your vehicle accident!

Do I Need To Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer?

Yes. It is important to retain legal counsel as soon as possible to make sure your rights are safeguarded. Modern commercial vehicles are equipped with an electronic data recorder, or “black box,” that stores important information about the truck’s actions, movements, and journeys. Additionally, there are priceless maintenance and repair documents, trip inspection records, logs, and other data that can offer crucial insights and hints regarding the cause of the crash. Your attorney’s investigation team will have a better chance of preserving this material before it is lost or destroyed if you hire them earlier. Engage a knowledgeable attorney to defend you.

houston truck accident lawyer simmons and fletcher
houston truck accident lawyer simmons and fletcher

How Much Does a Truck Accident Attorney in Houston Charge?

If no lawsuit is required and a recovery is made, the attorneys’ fees are 33.33%. 40% if a lawsuit needs to be started, and 45% if an appeal follows a decision. On a contingency fee basis, which includes a free consultation, our attorneys work. This implies that you don’t have to pay for your consultation yourself. If you want to work with our team, we will cover all costs up front. These costs and legal fees are paid out of a settlement or verdict. To put it another way, you won’t have to pay us anything unless we win a settlement or judgment on your behalf! We pursue success. As a result, hiring a Houston truck accident lawyer like Simmons and Fletcher or even simply getting a free consultation doesn’t require any upfront money.

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Who is Liable in a crash with a commercial motor vehicle?

The driver, the trucking company, the manufacturer, the client, and other drivers are frequently liable parties. Each case is unique and needs to be examined in light of its particular set of circumstances.

The driver of a commercial vehicle or truck.

The first and most obvious potential in any motor vehicle collision, whether it includes passenger vehicles or huge rigs, is the other driver. That analysis is more challenging when commercial vehicles are involved. Several variables, including whether the truck driver is an independent owner-operator or an employee, determine who is accountable for the driver’s actions.

The trucking business

There are numerous ways in which the trucking firm could be to blame for a commercial vehicle collision. For instance, if the truck driver works for the Consequently, if the driver who caused the accident was working for the firm, the company may be held vicariously liable, or accountable. Inadequate training, bad policies, breaking the law, poor vehicle maintenance, or any other act of carelessness that led to the issue that resulted in the accident will also make the trucking firm liable.

The maker of the car

The manufacturer, the seller, and anybody else in the supply chain between them may be responsible for damages if a flaw in the design or production of the truck caused or contributed to the accident. The same holds true for any faulty component that may have contributed to any supply chain issues for the producer, seller, and any other parties involved.the mishap.

The client

Commercial vehicles frequently transport commodities and resources around the nation and the state. The customer may be held liable or share legal blame for the accident if such items are excessively risky or pose a risk as a result of poor packaging, incomplete information provided to the trucking operator, or other negligence.

Other motorists

The behavior of other motorists could also be a factor.
There are frequently several parties that could be at fault in damage cases. When pursuing truck accident claims, failing to consider one of those parties may result in incomplete reimbursement or even a full loss. Employing a personal injury lawyer with experience who is ready to pursue your case all the way to a jury verdict, if necessary, is crucial.

houston truck accident lawyer simmons and fletcher

How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit After an 18-Wheeler Accident?

State tort laws determine the Statute of Limitations for bringing a truck accident claim, which differs from state to state. While some states only offer one year, others offer two or three. Therefore, the states in which you are permitted to file a lawsuit will determine your truck accident statute of limitations. In the event of a truck accident, you are permitted to bring your lawsuit:

  • The trucking firm may be sued in the state where the collision happens, the negligent truck driver’s home state, the state where the company was established, or the state where the company is domiciled—the location where it conducts most of its business.
  • The statutes of limitations in each of the aforementioned locations might differ. You can figure out below the precise statute of limitations for any state.

Before any of the appropriate statutes of limitations are in danger of expiring, you should speak with a lawyer about where to file your claim because there are benefits to doing so in particular locations. Additionally, you might need to file a wrongful death claim if a loved one was killed. Following fatal truck accidents, wrongful death claims frequently have their own deadlines that affect who may bring a lawsuit and when they must do so.

How Long Does a Houston 18-Wheeler Accident Lawsuit Take?

Depending on the circumstances, a lawsuit brought against a truck and/or trucking firm following a collision involving a commercial vehicle may last a few months or several years.depending on aspects like:
the judge and court assigned to the case; the complexity of the case; the seriousness of the injuries involved; and the number of possible parties.
It is more likely that you will need accident reconstruction experts and medical experts to support your claims as a case becomes more complex. An economist or lifecare planning specialist may be required to estimate the accident victim’s future demands and lost earning capability due to complex traumas, including traumatic brain injury and badly fractured bones. There will almost always be finger-pointing to shift blame when there are several parties involved. Some parties can contest your claim and attempt to deny you the money you need to take care of your family and yourself. This can also slow down the procedure. And last, some courts just have a backlog of cases and are disorganized . How quickly your trial lawyer can take your case to trial may depend on the jurisdiction and venue where you are assigned. As a result, you need a knowledgeable truck accident attorney to fight for the money you are entitled to houston truck accident lawyer simmons and fletcher.

Who Is Responsible for Commercial Vehicle Accident Settlements or Judgments?

Settlements and awards resulting from commercial vehicle collisions are often paid by the commercial trucking company’s insurance provider. If a judgment is more than the insured’s policy limits, the trucking firm can be required to pay the balance. Who is responsible for paying a settlement or judgment for the truck driver?
depending on whether the truck was hauling intrastate or interstate freight, or trucking company. For non-hazardous goods, interstate truck drivers must have commercial vehicle insurance coverage of at least $750,000.00. Hazardous loads must carry $5,000,000 in insurance. State law governs the regulation of intrastate trucks. If your state has low minimums, your only option may be to sue the transportation firm directly for the claim’s payment.

Find out the distinction between intrastate and interstate trucking.

The amount of insurance that 18-wheelers carry.You can check the amount of truck insurance that trucking companies have submitted to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on the FMCSA website of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

A commercial insurance policy is what?

A commercial insurance policy is a type of insurance that is offered to cover all or a majority of the cars used for business by an organization’s employees. Commercial insurance contracts occasionally provide coverage for commercial cars. Commercial policies come in a wide variety. Typically, commercial insurance policies cover up to $1 million in damages for incidents involving company personnel harming third parties in the course of business. Commercial general liability policies are some types of insurance that expressly protect third parties for harm caused by an employee. So long as you
Each 18-wheeler is allowed to carry a different amount of insurance, which varies greatly from truck to truck. Some 18-wheelers are owned by larger businesses with considerable financial resources and sizable interstate fleets of commercial vehicles. Others are small-town, independent owner-operators that simply carry the bare minimum of liability insurance that is mandated for vehicles by law. The majority of states mandate that local truckers carry a minimum of $500,000 per incident. Under federal law,houston truck accident lawyer simmons and fletcher different amounts are required for vehicles used in interstate commerce, depending on what they are carrying. While a truck transporting large hazardous cargo is obliged to carry at least $5,000, Normal freight may just need $750,000 in coverage. Buses and non-bulk hazardous material transporters are required to carry $1,000,000 on cross-state trips. Large businesses may carry an umbrella policy in addition to the minimal coverage needed to shield their assets from big judgments.
If the truck that struck you was travelling on a If you work for the company, your bodily injuries in an accident won’t be covered by the policy.

houston truck accident lawyer simmons and fletcher

Typical Injuries Sustained in a Houston Truck Accident

Sadly, truck accidents happen frequently in Houston. Our roadways are clogged with commercial motor vehicles as ports and terminals are continually bringing in fresh goods to be redistributed across the nation. The injuries we observe in Houston and Harris County are typical of those brought on by truck accidents around the country. Here are a few of the common wounds we observe:

Bone breakage. Broken bones are easily possible in a large rig accident due to the power of impact.
Burns. Trucks use a lot of gasoline and occasionally transport combustible liquids; when a truck catches fire, severe burn casualties are not unusual.
Scarring and disfigurement Any type of severe gash can leave scars and occasionally disfiguring marks through the development of scar tissue. Receiving the greatest medical care possible frequently determines how well this can be handled and/or avoided.
Eye harm. Broken glass and other flying particles can easily become lodged in your eye during a violent collision with an 18-wheeler, causing surface scrapes, damaged retinas, and even vision loss.
Bulging, protruding, and herniated discs. Your spine is not meant to be a punching bag, and if it is, disc injuries or even spinal cord damage can arise from compressing the soft tissue pads between the bones to the point where they distort or explode.
Mental Pain. The extreme trauma you experience from your pain and suffering or even the loss of a loved one can cause considerable emotional hardship and mental suffering in a vehicle collision.
trauma to the brain. In collisions involving commercial vehicles, the head is frequently pushed back and forth, which frequently causes the brain to pinball. Whether your injury is minor or severe, as well as the medical care you receive, will affect how well you recover.
Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome For victims ofhouston truck houston truck accident lawyer simmons and fletcher simmons and fletcher, experiencing a collision that drastically altered their lives frequently leaves them with a phobia of driving.
Unjustified Death. Sadly, when an 18-wheeler crash happens, lives are often lost.
We have seen the following less common truck accident injuries:
Limb loss or amputation The dimensions and weight of an 18-wheeler are significantly larger than those of a typical family car. missing an arm or the amputation of an arm or a leg as a result of a severe crush or shearing injury Defective ProductsDefective Products .
Spleen rupture. The very painful injury of a burst spleen can be brought on by a blow to the chest, such as hitting the steering wheel, dash, or other objects.
Paralysis. Big truck accidents can result in someone losing all use of their legs, arms, or both; however, this is less common.
The kind of harm you experience has a significant bearing on how much money you should be compensated for, according to justice. Your Houston commercial vehicle accident attorney must construct your case with the appropriate evidence to account for all of your economic and non-economic damages as well as your future medical demands and physical limitations.the amputation of an arm or a leg as a result of a severe crush or shearing injury.

Can I Sue if I am Partially at Fault for the Accident?

The location of the accident, the jurisdiction in which you have a claim, and the laws that are in effect there will all affect the answer to this question. Texas follows the doctrine of comparative negligence. This means that for the collision to be recoverable, the wounded person cannot be determined to be more than 50% at fault in Texas state courts. Therefore, in Texas and other comparative negligence states, receiving compensation is not prohibited if you are 50% at blame or less. In places where there is contributory negligence, the plaintiff cannot be partially at fault. There are certain federal laws and regulations that must be observed by the federal court system. So, you should talk to them about the rules governing comparative and contributory negligence If you are unsure of what rules and regulations are relevant, consult an 18-wheeler houston truck accident lawyer simmons and fletcher before submitting a case.
A thorough truck accident investigation and a firm grasp of injury legislation are required to establish who was negligent and whether they were significantly to blame for the collision. You cannot solely depend on the accident report to determine liability since the trucking firm will send out its accident reconstruction team to the scene to begin fabricating the narrative. It is crucial that you immediately have advocates on your side looking into the instances on their own.

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